Our Mission

The best project you’ll ever work on is YOU

Why only work on your health after you’ve experienced difficulties, a breakdown or a collapse? We strongly believe in the power of promoting health, so you don’t have to go so low before you can go skyhigh again. It’s all about finding balance, and how to maintain it.

Growing up and finding your place in the world is not easy. This is getting harder and harder, since the world is changing so fast. Try hopping on a bouldering train. Because of social media, the bars seems to be higher than ever. It is not difficult to feel lost or working so hard that you lose your health and happiness.  

As a therapist I, Erik, have difficulty seeing only people that are already ill. Because there is so much I know that can help with preventing getting mentally ill at all. My knowledge keeps people mentally healthy on the long term and for that I made this my mission.

Because YOU are the biggest project you’ll ever work on.


Three steps



Right now I am working on three different steps. The first step is creating a (free) videoseries where I share my knowledge to inspire and help others in growing a healthy lifestyle. But that’s not all. My desire is to combine the series with an online community: Thriving Together.

This will be a platform where people can share and collectively grow as a group. The ultimate goal is to create a comfortable, trustbased community for people who are ready and willing to always keep working on theirselfs, to always be mentally healthy and happy and knowing your worth. 

The third step will be Thriving on Teachings. Extra online courses aimed a a certain topic. If you found a video or topic in the community that you want to work with or having difficulty with, is it possible to get some extra help. More indepth, more psycho education and exercises to work with.  


Thriving on Travel

A travel show combined with personal growth. Every country, every culture, every moment provides chances to learn and grow. The focus on this show is on preventive mental health. What can you do to stay resilient and healthy?

Thriving on Travel

Erik Jumelet

First Feedback

We would love to hear your first reaction, when reading about this mission and seeing the first material. We would love to hear what you think and if you for example have tips in where to spread this content. You can always leave a reaction on info@thrivingontravel.com



In order to find beautiful collaborations that help us grow we are starting a crowdfund action. You can find the page here:

If you want to support our goals, you are more than welcome to donate a little. But even more valuable for us is to spread the word. By liking, sharing or reacting on ous social media posts, you can help us out a lot.

Below are three options: 
True supporter: On a monthly basis you will receive an e-mail filled with tips to make you feel more comfortable in that moment, or can help you with possible issues on the long run. Next to that I want to provide full transparency in what the invested money is used for. I will create an overview which I will share periodically, so you know where your money ends up. Feeling support in this early stage is very important and valuable to me. That’s why I want to reward my group of true supporters when future chances occur.

Big supporters that invest with a minimum of €30 will have the same privileges as our true supporters but because they invest a little bit bigger we will call them our big supporters. Next to that you will get access to my one-hour live session. In this live session I will give you super valuable tips and a little sneak-peak in our complete mindfulness session. With this one-hour live session comes an open Q&A which gives you the opportunity to ask question directly to me, Erik, to help you further along.

If you are a super supporter that means that you’ve invested more than €75 which wow, is so so great! And even though I’m just as thankful for you as I am for out true and big supporters, super supporters get a reward that will only be offered while this crowdfunding is active.

Next to the privileges of our true and big supporters, you will also will receive a unique code for free access to the 1 hourly mindfulness course that will go online. The first course will be about selfcare. What can you do to increase your selfcare and life quality? You can use the code yourself or donate it to someone else. Only because you are a super supporter! And as the big hit: you will also get access to the course when it’s live!




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